la vraie vie

The longer it goes between my last post and this one, the more epic I feel it needs to be. So I’m just gonna pop back in here quick before things get out of hand and I publish up a fully-birthed novel […]

6 Tips to Absolutely Crush it in your Career

People are always asking me, how are you always moving, doing. How are you everywhere? The answer is… I’m not. Lol! I really am either in NYC or MN never both at the same time, haha. I do relax! I […]

That’s Amore

You’ll know it when you’ve tasted it. And once you’ve tasted it you’ll know everything before wasn’t it. For some it starts strong. For others a slow build. Whatever it looks like, for however long you get to have it- […]


THIS YEAR THO! Of the best moments, some were casual, homey, cozy — snuggling up with baes after some evening adventure lol-ing in pajamas, some were big loud or fancy – trotting around paris, nyc or dancing on tables yes, […]


One of the highlights from this last year was working with Sara Goldfine on this jewelry collection called Fantasme. It was really cool to be part of the design process from start to finish with her and our other collaborator, […]

Slits, slips, silks

4 months in New York… and it’s my home now. It really sank in the last couple of days. When I was about to leave for Minnesota for the holidays. Suddenly sentimental and missing it while I was yet there. […]

These streets will inspire you

    About a month in to NY life. I’m finding a lot of it is, well… by Niche. But beyond that it’s exploring, discovering. Taking the walk over the metro as often as possible (and the metro over car […]


Popped the champagne tonight. Slow sipping. My nyc & chill now playlists rollin on the Bose. Writing from a new bed. Curled up and just in general feelin it. One thing I insisted on bringing all the way to NYC […]

Scottsdale AZ, a photo diary

    Last weekend was one for the ages. We called it the #nojudgmentzona! Perfect little mix of outdoorsy adventures, city nightlife, and chill moments by the pool at the resort with 3 of my closest lifelong friends, roots tracing […]


      Nothing in this look I wore for a full day of meetings & projects in the North Loop last week is new from the last 6 months. Except the shoes. I’ve been minimizing. Prioritizing working with what I […]