10 Make-up Essentials for the Girl on the Go

When I have a full day ahead of me, it’s hard to spend too much time carefully applying layers upon layers of make-up and taking 8 and a half years of sitting in front of the mirror to do so. No I’ve got about 7 minutes to apply my make-up and get out the door. So I’ve handpicked 10 of my favorite beauty products for the girl on the go. These are tried and true, quality make-up essentials that are quick and easy to apply and will give you a fresh-faced, natural look.
A few quick tips:
-Mix and match the eye shadow hues. Use the lighter colors closer to the inside of your eye and get darker as you work your way out. It enhances the shape of your eye.
2. Don’t pump your mascara to apply it to the brush, use a swooping motion. It allows less airflow into the tube and will preserve your mascara longer.
3. Mix a more fair foundation color & a bronzer foundation color together to match your exact skin tone of the moment. 
Tarte cosmetics is a recent favorite cosmetics company. In addition to the products I’ve listed here, they have an excellent contour palette, for when you want to take your make-up game to the next level. I also think they have a lovely matte eyeshadow palette.

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