10 Trends: Expiring or Still Inspiring?



cape: nordstrom rack (bb dakota), jeans: marshalls, boots: k-mart, fur bag: marshall’s


Fashion. It’s a tricky business. There will always be constantly changing runway-informed and aloof designer trends. But it’s ordinary peeps like you & me that get to decide what we like and want to strut. We don’t want to be trend-chasers so much that we lose our personal style stamp. But Heaven forbid we dance to our own drum enough to wind up on “What not to Wear”. Ha, I’d rather hang out with my pals Clinton & Stacy on other biznaz.
Sometimes trends can be so popular that they’re like that song that’s clearly every DJ’s favorite and you just want to smash your radio every time you hear it. And some trends are like your favorite pair of jeans from sophomore year of high school that make you smile when you slip into them.
Don’t tell me you haven’t wondered if/when to say goodbye to these guys:
We’ve loved them. And worn them 98235 different ways. Is it time to let them go? Or are they en route to becoming timeless staples like the Little Black Dress?You tell me! Take the poll below, handcrafted by yours truly. 

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  1. I love this poll! I think a lot of the pieces in it are classics that are always "here to stay" but can be styled in different ways so they don't look either too trendy or too last year. Except for Uggs. They just need to go away. Forever.

  2. This is a great post. I voted. Not sure if it world but I tried! I love that you are donning winter white with a faux fur bag. Loving it!

  3. Hey! Happy Wednesday!Oh, thank's God most of us are tired of Uggs. I can't stend seeing them on my town streets.
    I love your wedge booties, too pretty.

    xoxo Ra

  4. I love the cape/poncho/coat…not sure what it's called but it's cute! The poll was really fun. It's funny how everyone's fashion sense is different. I looked at the results of the poll & was shocked that folks still wanted those ugly UGGS!!! Seriously? Anyhoo, everyone has their own style…gotta love it!

  5. Fun survey! I can't believe I actually am saying that cause I usually am not a fan of surveys but really this one was wonderfully easy. And only 10 questions. Yay!

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