Of the best moments, some were casual, homey, cozy — snuggling up with baes after some evening adventure lol-ing in pajamas, some were big loud or fancy – trotting around paris, nyc or dancing on tables yes, even that. Some moments I would really rather forget…! Some I wish I could hold onto and replay forever and ever and ever.

I took some time to deep-scroll the photos. One theme rings so true. GOOD PEOPLE. BIG SMILES. SMILING GOOD PEOPLE. LOVVVVE.

There’s been so much hope and energy wrapped up in 2017. Beauty created. Beauty enjoyed. Sweet moments displayed or treasured up in my heart just for me and who I was with.

Learned to softsmile.
Taught a boatful how to lakesurf.
Reconnected with a college friend.
Made a new lifelong friend out east.
Got another niece!!
Discovered avocados.
Did solo karaoke for the first and last time
Learned to love solo café visits for wine with the NYTimes.
Realized I can still do a back walkover.
& do my make-up in less than 7 minutes.
Casted models too many times than I should be allowed to.
Produced a New York Fashion Week event
Fell in love with Vouvray, Sancerre, Josh, Rioja!
Enjoyed sunsets, snowy winter wonderlands, flowers in bloom.
Held a lot of puppies and babies.
Splurged on an NYC leather jacket
and a pair of NYC heels from SJP herself!
I got to collaborate on a jewelry line.
Do stuff with XGames and more importantly the afterparty.
See a million works of Monet in one place.
Twirled around in the middle of a quite lit and super unexpected post-Northern Vogue dance party

Oh yea, this thing called by NICHE!!! Gosh I’ve learned a lot. More than I wanted to! More than I expected and in different ways than anticipated. Learning usually means struggle to get there. But worth it on the other end. Taking risks, pushing myself so hard. I’ve had some of my highest highs through this business, some of my zaniest days, and honestly also experienced more feelings of total exhaustion, complete stress, and lots of moments wondering what I got myself into! And so grateful, so so grateful to those who’ve believed in me and this business from the start. You never forget the people who took a chance on you. There’s a very special place in our hearts for those who saw us before anyone else. 40 clients and many projects later… Small and big. Local & National, we’re still here!  The funnest part is seeing it work!! Seeing good people and good brands grow as we work together. These theories, these ideas, richly developed and based in things playing out in favor of our partners. It’s incredibly rewarding.

Oh yea, this thing called NYC!!!! I live there now, (here!) What. I know how long I can zone out on the subway before I should start paying attention to the stops again. They know my name at the Starbucks a block away. This world epicenter for business, culture is expanding my horizons. Showing me opportunity. I’m meeting the most interesting people! Hearing the most fascinating perspectives. And discovering things that feel wrong socioculturally and get at my heart that I want to find ways to jump in and support real change.

Oh yea, this thing called LOVE!!! I’ve felt things this year I’ve nevvver felt before! Took some risks, followed my heart.

Thank you for being part of this journey. If you’re reading this, you have been in some way! Every single year gets better and better. I can’t wait to see the bright future ahead in 2018!

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