_______ memorial day


it’s a weird day actually, memorial day! on the one hand i want to lead it off with “happy”. hoping you get to enjoy your day off with family, friends, and seedless watermelon. on the other hand i want to lead it off with “let’s remember on this” because i’m grateful to those who have served in our nation’s past & present to make possible the freedom we enjoy every day. i guess it’s a little mix of both. and on these usa days, i have to acknowledge that we’re not perfect and have a lot to learn from the rest of the world and a lot to share … but we’re made of the good stuff and on our way. and there’s no doubt i’m in love with this beautiful country and proud to be an american girl!

little note, this bracelet is via urbain, a really cool mn-based company by connor kettering. they gather raw materials from historic sites and incorporate them into the jewelry & accessory designs. super unique pieces with a story attached. i love it!

and if you’re into a house shoe that can turn into an oh-wait-i-need-to-run-next-door-for-a-quick-coffee throw-on, these birdies slippers (c/o) are perfect. they’re comfortable, great quality, and easy to slip into an overnight bag for a weekend trip to anywhere. recommend!

photos by iz kruse

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