A Crush on Blush



Blush is definitely a color of the moment. I find it very timely with Valentine’s Day soon-approaching. It’s feminine, soft, and a little bit whimsical. I paired it with light-toned neutrals to continue with the romantic vibe. I’ve had my eye on this coat forever, but forgot about it over the holidays. After all the big sales and everything it came to mind again, but I thought for sure there would be none left. Thankfully, my J.Crew was able to find one left in the whole country in my size. It’s the small victories, right?
Also, can I tell you what I’ve been craving lately? I’ve got a serious hankering for tiptoeing out to the dock at my family’s cabin, when everyone’s asleep. Then dipping my bare feet in the water, leaning back, and staring out at the lake. On a clear night, there would be a blanket of stars, with hardly a square inch untouched by one. The air would be warm, I’d have my hood up and be all wrapped up in my high school sweatshirt. I always felt like I could stay there forever. We don’t get a whole lot of starry nights or docks to enjoy them on in the city, but this memory is so strong, it feels like I’m there again sometimes.

coat: j.crew || shop similar—> splurgesave, STEAL
jeans: f21 || shop similar—> splurgesave
heels: jcpenney —> splurge, splurge, steal
bag: mango || shop similar—> megasplurgesplurge, steal

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  1. Ahh! I have this coat too, but in the beige color. They totally didn't have the pink when I was there. Very jealous! 🙂




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