Designer Picks

The sixties mod shift dress is so chic, I love the pairing of the contrasting colors in the geometric pattern. And the little olive juice skirt… simply adorable. Colorblocking in variations of the same color family is so attractive. I could see it paired with a chambray top and a white bubble necklace. Ya feel in me? And the print on the black and white top is like funkified Cruella de Vil.

I could get lost adoring the whitewashed neutral tones in these gorgeous jackets. Understated romance in a ridiculously modern way. Kinda want to slither up in one of these upon the immediate. The contrast leather is impeccable… spot on! I might just hereby announce Helmut Lang as master of all outerwear. Can we make that official, peeps? Oooo, I’m imagining loads of layering options with these puppies.
For the bold and glamorous, these pieces scream ladylike high society. Eric Clapton starts singing in my head every time I glance at the lace dress on the left… “lady in red…” And then I look to the right and feel compelled to make up my own tune called “lady in gold-toed boot…” (sounds promising, right?). The checked tweed skirt is oh so marvelously preppy, and what a fun touch of sass with the leopard print bag.
It’s all primary colors here. Rich, saturated hues dominate fall fashion. Can’t say I’ve ever been drawn to royal blue leather until now. Thinkin that the slouchy twisty tan sweater just above it would make for a slick meets casual kind of look. And stop the world, these pants are exquisite! I’ll wait here while you stare for a few more minutes with me. Gahhh, seriously perfection. From the subtle striations to the gentle pleat, there is nothing to be desired here.

Well, thank you Farfetch for divulging my little swoonfest here. Ya’ll can discover a range of designer clothes from, like I just did. It’s nuts! So much eye candy. 

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