A Toast to by Niche

a toast to by Niche

I spent all day coming up with a toast for the by Niche pre-launch party this weekend. Jotting something down here and there when it came to me. While I was driving and listening to music or in the middle of another prep project. Got the whole thing written out and approved by two wordsmith queens. Turns out the music couldn’t be turned down, so my thoughts of a magical capstone moment at 9pm with glasses raised ended up looking a little differently. Still magical, just 5 seconds instead of 5 minutes.

So here’s my belated toast:

I made 3 rules for this toast.
Don’t cry.
Don’t talk for more than 5 minutes.
& 3, don’t have too much wine before it.
… at least the first two had a fighting chance! 😉
Thanks for coming Friday (and to all of you supporting from afar!).
I made a joke referring to by Niche as my baby with January 30 as the due date. It feels more and more accurate every day. When you’re close to something like a mother with a child, you could talk about it for hours (not 5 minutes!) … And you get a sparkle in your eye whenever you get the chance to. But usually the only one genuinely eager to listen for that long is your mom. PS mom, thanks for coming from Wisconsin to be at the party! But I’m a lucky girl. I’ve had a lot of willing listeners, giving me ideas, feedback … and sometimes they even get that sparkle in their eyes too. The people in the room on Friday were part of the formation of by Niche in some way. And so have many others of you I’ve met with or chatted with along the way! You may not have even know how you impacted all of this! Inspiring me as mentors, people of business, go-getters, good friends, family.
I’ve spent hundreds of hours listening to businessowners, drawing on fun experiences here and all over the world with Lindsey Kate as well as things I’ve had the chance to try out in freelance marketing projects …. all to finesse the product we are offering with by Niche. I gotta tell ya… we’ve got something here.
by Niche will offer creative, unconventional marketing support for businesses of all shapes and sizes globally, but our specialty and what is closest to our hearts (our Niche!) is startups and smaller-sized local businesses. Marketing is too much of a second thought for these companies and unfortunately over half go under within two years. We believe our approach can help set companies on a good trajectory for limitless growth.
We believe:
+Early, intentional marketing is necessary for all brands.
+Human brands attract real humans. We’ll tease out those core tenets that act as your lifeblood as a company and make sure they’re being reflected in every manifestation of branding and social media footprint.
+Don’t waste your existing base. Mobilize it! We have ideas on how this can stimulate grassroots, organic growth!
+Fancy does not always equal better! With the basics done right the first time, a lot of things can autocorrect.
+Good branding is like good curb appeal. It should be welcoming, cohesive, & personalized.
+Healthy, inspired, passionate business owner = healthier business. Holistic wellbeing is key. This philosophy has some roots… 8 years of my life went towards becoming a psychotherapist with my name on the door and a couch in my room with a rotating list of clients at a local clinic. While that didn’t end up being the job for me, I’m absolutely seeing this background play a role in the heart of by Niche. Individual wellbeing leads to collective wellbeing in an organization.
+A community-based, creative, & collaborative approach leads to sustained loyalty.
+Brands can never rest on their laurels. One good event, one good photoshoot, one good campaign should only lead to another. Building on momentum and continuing to add new consumers to the journey and lifestyle offered by a brand. With technology, trends, & colloquial language rapidly changing, to remain relevant and most well-postured for limitless growth, a brand needs to take all of this in consideration in its marketing strategy. New, fresh ideas are a must!
We are:
+A team of 10 (so far) bright & talented project managers, account executives, content creators, event producers, designers, & web developers
+Located all over the country. Here in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Chicago, Kansas City, Seattle, & Hawaii!
+Seeking to inspire, educate, & empower!
+and clutch!! OH, so clutch.
We’re the team you want in your corner and you want your friends in business to have in their corner. You are ourrrr niche. We hope you believe in us. If you don’t, let’s get coffee or get a little tipsy together, promise you will after that! So let’s get this moving! Take a chance, be one of the first official by Niche clients. Connect us with your friends in business. With all of them! Send a text or email or mention it the next time you see one of us, who has been coming to mind as you read this that needs good marketing? Let’s fill up that client list, we’re open for business today!! #nichetomeetyou!


A special thank you to:
+Prize drawing donations: Isadore Nuts, Reed Marie Collection Clothing Boutique, Josiah Davie Photography, Realia by Jen Jewelry
+Outfit: My dress via Cliche boutique with tan by The Glow Lounge & Realia by Jen jewelry
+Photography: Paul Weaver
+Venue: Constantine at The Ivy Hotel

You can learn more about who we are and follow along with our journey on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook. In the coming months, we’ll be posting stories from some of our favorite businesses here and across the nation and sharing insights from fashion bloggers and social media stars on how to find your niche and unleash it! We’ll also be posting quotes and tips, with hopes to empower, inspire, and educate in social media and marketing.

by Niche launch party by Niche launch party
by Niche launch party
by Niche launch party
by Niche launch party
by Niche launch party by Niche launch party
by Niche launch party
 by Niche launch party
by Niche launch party
by Niche launch party
  by Niche launch party
by Niche launch party by Niche launch party  by Niche launch party
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