Hello! I’m Lindsey Higgins, Lindsey St. John Higgins. I live in NYC and spend most of my time running by Niche, a Social Media Marketing Agency that specializes in full-service social media management, influencer campaigns, & recently … boosted post management & paid ad optimization. I have a lovely friend group here and a pleasant buzzing social life that keeps me bopping around town in my off hours. I recently moved to the Seaport district in Manhattan and very much enjoy jogs on the trail along the water down here. My team and I work from our homes for the most part, so it’s important to me that my space be bright, inspiring, comfortable, inviting, and reflect my taste. I am my mother’s daughter and have inherited her penchant for nesting and interior design appreciation. I spend time with my family every chance I get. Parents are in hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin. My sister Whitney is in Charlotte, North Carolina and my brother and his wife Nate & Sonja and their 4 darling kiddos are in Charleston, South Carolina. FaceTimes, phone calls, and a riveting group chat keep the vibe alive in between holidays and vacations and visits.

I started this blog in 2011 as a creative outlet because I loved fashion, writing, photography but was spending most of my time in a graduate school classroom in St. Paul Minnesota, studying to be a Mental Health Therapist. I continued pursuit of that career, obtained my LICSW, and began to practice at a family clinic in Minneapolis. The blog, called “Ruby Girl” at the time (my mom’s childhood nickname for me…. I thought that might be more suitable as a blog name than “Button”, my dad’s), intensified the very interests it was birthed by. And awakened a few others. Suddenly I was interacting with all kinds of people all over the world who had unique perspectives and thoughts that I found fascinating and was interested to learn from. I was having conversations and experiences digitally that ignited in me a desire to see more of the world and expose myself to fresh ideas and beautiful places and different cultures and ways of being and doing.

With every post and every passing month and year, it evolved, and so did I. I loved creating and building and growing and developing my brand and then giving advice for others looking to do the same for theirs. I began to travel and absorbed bits of sweetness from Monet’s gardens in Giverny, vistas of the Amalfi Coast via tucked away stone steps, crystal blue waters on White Beach in Santorini. Rebranded the blog as “Lindsey Kate” (the middle name I bestowed upon myself in childhood when I wasn’t grown enough to appreciate my actual middle name). I focused on deepening my own core values and inner strength, independence and confidence, that I nurtured over time, some with the very techniques I’d been coaching kiddos and families with. Cognitive-Behavioral positive thought replacement, mindful self and others-awareness and centeredness. I was starting to be a lot less concerned with how others perceived me and a lot more focused on becoming the best version of myself I could be. And doing whatever I could reasonably do in the course of my existence to make the little world around me beautiful, and a little bit better.

I hopped on this brand new thing called Instagram and with trial and error and error and error and eventually some success, I began uncovering factors in social media and the digital realm that were manipulable enough to operationalize into a generalizable system that could be transferred brand to brand. I toggled and learned and wrote a business plan and stepped into the life of entrepreneurship, a path that was forged many a time by Higgins & St. Johns before me. My father started his company at the same age I started mine. My mother started a home staging company. I have uncles and aunts and cousins who have started insurance companies, tech companies, music businesses, you name it. Generations ago, my family started a newspaper called The Herald in Jasper Indiana. The official town newspaper still going strong after over 100 years.

I never could have imagined I’d find myself here, on this blue velvet couch overlooking the greatest city in the world. Where global leaders in all industries converge. In these buildings, on these streets, history is made every single day. People are pioneers, innovators, “New York tough” and New York loyal, good, and smart. I’m profoundly humbled and honored to be nestled amongst such great company, running a company that has worked with over 100 brands in 3.5 years, with proven paths to meaningful growth and ROI for our clients. Sometimes I still can’t believe it. It works. It. works. Something that was once just a twinkle in my eye, a wondering in my head, before social media platforms existed and were harnessed for business growth. Before the concept of making even a penny through Instagram was even thought realistic or practical for businesses. Before the social media explosion. I remember having many many conversations in which I had to “sell” the idea of social media as a viable tool for a brand to make money. The brands that started with us were taking a chance not only on me, but on a whole industry! I will never forget those first brands who believed in me, who believed in what I believed in. Before there was data to back it up. For anyone! No textbooks, no classes, no case studies, nothing. Visionaries, they were, blazing a trail right along with us every day.

And here I sit, “Ruby Girl” / “Button” from Appleton, 4 years later with an exceedingly capable Global Operations Manager and experienced Brand Managers and specialists and a smattering of video trainings and manuals and systems. In the last couple of months, we’ve been rebuilding our brand and for the first time in 4 years I’m looking back at what we’ve accomplished. Who we’ve been and how it’s brought us to who we are. And I’m so… proud. We’ve become acquainted with the beast that is social media and tamed it into a beautifully transferable solution that can really work for any brand. I’m proud of my baby. We’ve had hard days and months but every year this entirely self-funded venture has been in the black and every year double as profitable as the year prior. Thank goodness for the people who believed in me along the way and still today who believe I can and will. For my Dad for his wisdom and entrepreneurs before me who I’ve gleaned inspiration from and practical guidance from. The enormous amount of sweat equity, which could sometimes be more aptly named stress equity that went into this is almost unfathomable. I’ve worked every single day of the last 4 years except 2 birthdays. Thankful for loyal friends who haven’t judged me when I suddenly go quiet and into “focused” mode dropping 20 paces behind and texting clients or team members vigorously. Perching up with my iPad for a hot 20 on a stoop outside the biergarten before joining them. Thank goodness for those I’ve been able to let my hair down with and count on a reliably warm, kind, supportive situation, with lots and lots of laughter in tow.

I have this plant, that I bought 5 years ago at a cute little corner flower and garden shop on 50th & France in Edina, called Spruce. I bought a banana leaf plant that was about 3 feet tall and a big white clay vase. It did well in what I affectionately called “Le Chateau”, my bright spacious and character-abundant flat atop historic Grand Avenue in St. Paul. We were learning and finding ourselves. We were seeing new things. But the plant kind of plateaued growthwise. It was time for new roots. Moving to New York was a challenge for the little guy. My dad was kind enough to begrudgingly accommodate a plant-centric packing system for the van. My Upper East Side digs, “Le Petit Chateau” were, true to name, profoundly more “petit”.  Light was harder to come by. This for me personally was a transition time that I found to be the second-most emotionally taxing of my life. I didn’t know anyone in this city really. I had a handful of what I refer to now as “revolving door” relationships. I texted the 20 acquaintances I had every week to try to get something on their calendars. Turns out most had thriving friendship circles of their own or romantic relationships and so I spent a lot more time than I prefer to, alone. Things were stressful with the business, I was working 7am to 1am almost every day. I didn’t expect the New York market to turn a profit for a year. New York brands were a different beast. Needed things quicker, needed me to think quicker and move quicker and have answers and reasons for my answers and numbers and data for my reasons for my answers. I had to build these things with by Niche just 8 months old. Building isn’t profitable. I was more scared and alone and intimidated than I’d ever been. And getting a little tired. My plant had withering and browning leaves. One day I realized it was still in the planter plastic within the big vase. It’s a miracle the thing survived that long – a hearty little shoot of foliage it is. 7 months in and it was time to move again, to a brighter sanctuary.

We packed up plant-centrically another time and transported ourselves to the East Village, “Le Chateau Nouveau”. I cut the plastic planter, got a ton of new soil and freed my plants’ pent-up roots and put it in the sunniest spot. by Niche was working regularly with Manhattan restaurants, a niche we were picking up steam with. We were operating a successful branch (pun always intended, just the way I prefer my puns), in Minneapolis and producing a huge charitable fashion show 2x per annum. My friendship circle had found a delightful rhythm and deepening every day. More inside jokes and witty banter sharpening against one another. I found love a couple of times. 2 years later my plant was standing at about 9 feet in height and the massive leaves were pressing up against the ceiling, the whole thing leaning towards and pressing into the window for the light. We’d hit our ceiling and my plant and I do not do well with ceilings. We’d outgrown our vase and my plant and I need plenty of room to burgeon and swell our roots. We packed up plant-centrically one more time. This time bringing a second plant who had joined the family several months prior. The first two things through the door of “Le Chateau Per La Mer” were my Banana Leaf & my Palm. Banana Leaf needed a much bigger pot and Palm in turn took his. Here we are a month and a half in and just last week, popped my tallest and largest leaf on a now 9-footer with a bit more room to stretch until we reach this ceiling. by Niche is taking clients all over the world and expanding into exciting new revenue streams. I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been. The possibilities are endless and both the present and future is bright.

So what is this blog going to be now? What is blog Lindsey 3.0? From Ruby Girl to Lindsey Kate to Lindsey St. John, a few things have remained and will remain still. I love aesethics, fashion, photography, travel, art, music. I love discovering & sharing beauty. Whether it’s a photo of a little European hamlet or a striking piece of jewelry. Or a very heartful or clever brand. Or a story of a movement or cause or example of human warmth and personal generosity that struck a cord with me. I’ve always hoped this would be a platform of positivity and inspiring others to own their moment and feel a sense of personal agency over their world. To be kind and live life with Carpe Diem in mind and action.

A few things will be new. I’m going to do a little more writing on this blog. Reflective, philosophical, even poetic. Periodic current event & political opining. Will keep the industry & business writings over at my blog on by Niche.  All the photos will be from my iPhone and will do more videos too.

I’ve revamped the “Shop” function quite heftily. I do periodic personal wishlist building and don’t often purchase 95% of the things I “ooh” & “ahh” over. It’s been a fun and economical way for me to satisfy my style leanings and keep my finger on the pulse of the fashion industry whilst being conveniently charmed by gorgeous gowns and scintillating jewelry. They are great pieces and I hope you’ll find some gems. As you shop, you’re supporting me and this brand because I get a little kickback from every purchase. So thank you in advance for any shopping you do!

Thanks for your attention, interest, and indulgence of my little podium here.