All Tied Up

Yesterday was one of those ridiculously crazy days from sun-up to sun-down. I honestly can’t help but make my life that way. And about 99.9% of the time I embrace the busy-ness. Because most of the time I build what I need into the day too. Like a pit-stop for raspberry macarons or a jam-session while driving downtown to Bills by Lunchmoney Lewis šŸ™‚ While a part of yesterday wasn’t quite that 00.1%, I was definitely glad to have my head hit the pillow. And today, it’s ALL about that blog re-desing. You guys, it’s coming so soon! I can’t wait to share it with you! Luptid Style has been wonderful to work with and we’re getting things all set behind the curtain before the big reveal. xoxo!

Shop today’s outfit:

tory burch navy tote via pumpz c/o (Hey Minneapolis, you totally need to stop in and see what they have for spring, lots of gorgeous new shoes & handbags!) || tory burch leopard wedges via pumpz c/o || ralph lauren striped bow shirt || ralph lauren yellow trench coat || ralph lauren skinny jeans

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