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This one’s going to be short and sweet, loves. As I only have a few minutes before my eyes quit this long blinking thing and actually close for a good night’s sleep. It’s getting late and I’m exhausted from a day of doing basically nothing. Isn’t that how it goes? The days of utter relaxation in the sun are the ones in which you are just absolutely beat at the end of the day? Well let me tell you, it’s been a nice change of pace from our otherwise quite-busy lives. I wish you could see this place in real life. I wish you all could be here with me (seriously how fun?!). St. James Secrets Resort here in Jamaica has been totally great and the scenery is phenomenal. There’s nothing like an open beach to bring out the frolic and dreamer in you. The ocean truly does inspire me and ground me all at the same time. It’s comforting and astounding, mysterious and inviting. It blows my mind every time like the first time and I just adore it. So I’m spending every minute I can with it this week. 

This unique nautical dress is from mudpie gift. They have a lot of really neat stuff. Check it out, you may just find a new favorite!

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