Anchors + Chevron

Alright prepare yourselves because this is going to sound a little bit cheesy, but I’m the kind of girl that gets giddy and gushy about the littlest things… like when you’re standing in your closet putting together an outfit and the last piece just falls into place. I mean, I almost did a cartwheel yesterday when I finally pulled out these pants and the whole ensemble started singing. Ok what, so I like what I do 🙂 Hey, it’s Wednesday, everybody! Which means we have made it halfway through the week, and we are that much closer to Friday. So let’s give it a good hard go and make it count!
sweater: c/o nick & mo clothing
blazer: gap
pants: old navy
bag: old navy
necklace: century 21
silk scarf: thrifted
glitter heels: j.crew
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