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2014 ruby girl highlights
{{ trip to nyc to cover fashion week }}
{{ debut on local tv news networks }}
{{ feature in major mn newspaper, the star tribune }}
{{ founded american elegance }}
{{ instagram growth to 12k }}
{{ began work as personal wardrobe stylist }}
{{ feature in minnesota monthly magazine }}
{{ collaborations with the galleria in edina, piperlime, & shopbop }}
{{ hosting spring secret garden fashion show at macy’s southdale }}
{{ feature on glitter guide }}
{{ launched ruby girl youtube channel }}
It’s been an amazing year, with so many highlights not only for the blog but for life in general… Almost too many to recount in anything besides a novel. So I picked out some of my favorite outfits to commemorate the year because a picture says a thousand words, right? Two words that I simply must say to all of you however is, a huge THANK YOU for your love and support this year. The fact that I get to share outfits with you makes it fun to put them together, sparks fresh creativity, and of course gets me really sappy every once in a while. Like right now. Happy New Year’s, everyone! Enjoy your celebrations and when 2015 comes along at midnight, let’s take it by storm.

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