black & tan

old navy style

old navy cableknit sweater

old navy tweed shorts

old navy sweater

I’m getting cold just looking at these photos! But fellow Minnesotans, be aware, these shots were taken before the temperatures took a turn for the subzero. Which explains my lack of over-sized parka and well basically every inch being covered. Brrrr…! But no this day was actually not too freezing, though it did take a turn for the sub-awesome when I ended up locking myself and my photographer, (Isabel Kruse!) out of my apartment. Boo! (Don’t worry, we got back in!)

This look is basically head-to-toe Old Navy. From the cable knit sweater to the knee-high boots! I love working in a good pair of shorts in the winter. It’s no easy feat but this pair was perfect for this time of year. The thicker tweed texture of the shorts, the opaque black tights and tall boots make them cold-weather ready.

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cableknit sweater || oxford white shirt || tweed shorts || chanel bag via bag borrow steal || black boots via old navy

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