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tweed jacket

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I’ll never tire of meeting inspiring, successful ladies around town. There’s really no cookbook recipe for them. But they’re straight-up girl bosses. Sometimes it’s a mom with 7 kids who I catch in an adorable moment affirming one of the 7 for a clever little comment and the two of them just sharing a smile and a wink. Who takes time out of the craziness for a little me-time, to take care of herself, getting a latte and a spray tan. A little me-time goes a long way towards being able to be available for others. Sometimes it’s a bright-eyed middle-aged lady who started as a temp in a large international company and worked her way up over 24 years to become the overseer of 125 employees. Sometimes it’s a young professional, the only girl on a team of 20 guys of a major software engineering company. She’s #1 in her cohort for sales and is on the short-list for a huge promotion.

There’s just something that makes me smile and revs me up when I see or hear about the triumphs, big and small, of the people around me. It doesn’t really matter if I’ve known you for 5 minutes or 5 years. Seeing people thriving, making the world a better place, and confidently channeling their strengths towards their dreams… it’s the stuff of real life fairy tales. What makes a girl boss a girl boss then? It’s hard work. Gumption. Owning the moment. So many things, so many different things. So to all of you… thanks for being inspiring. Thanks for being kind. Thanks for sharing your stories with me.

Actually you know what would be kind of cool? Share in the comment section about a girl boss that inspires you.

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  1. A girl boss who inspires me is my mom. No I’m not just being a good daughter, she has more than earned her stripes. Out of necessity, she started a home care company 16 years ago, and has an all female staff and is still going strong. She also just started a second company, volunteers on the board of Entrepreneurs Organization, and is devoted to healthy living and teaching others how to live well. AND she managed to raise me.

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