Sometimes … I have time. And decide to play with my hair. I pull up a few youtube videos/pinterest tutorials for inspiration and usually don’t find exactly what I’m looking for so I’ll use a little info from here and there and then let my hands go at it, trial and error style. You encounter some pretty strange things surfing youtube for hair tutorials. Clicking from vid to vid and personality to personality, I lol-ed to myself over how much I LOVE how different we all are from each other! Ya got the cute little pro youtubers who must for sure be in middle school and have like 4 million hits on their dutch braid tut. And the moms mixing things up with their 7-year-old’s hairstyles. And the silent ones, those crack me up a little bit. They say “hello” and the rest of the vid is real-time and… silent, ha! I LOVE it, I really just really LOVE people!
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coat: f21, necklace: thrifted (similar), top: stylemint, heels: sara, skirt: wet seal (similar, $18!)
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