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I’ve been thinking a lot today about … a lot. Appreciating the high moments in life, the sweet ones. So many sweet ones. Even just this summer. Albums full of photos of places that blew me away with their beauty and of people I love. Late at night, sipping my tea and snuggled up in bed, I scroll through these and remember what they represent. The words exchanged, the emotions of the encounter, the details of the scenic view. It’s impossible not to smile. Reveling in the high moments is restorative and energizing. It’s addicting!

Joy, strength, beauty… these are all things everyone can believe in and admire. But hurt, stress, confusion…. very much a part of life too. It’s actually sometimes a flicker of pain here or there that remind us we’re alive and human. Even though my natural tendency is to brush those little guys off and swiftly pretend they’re not there… today I let myself feel ’em a bit as they knocked on my door. The difficult situations are often the ones we grow from the most! And yea, before growth, there tend to be ugly cry moments… sitting on the kitchen floor with a kleenex box, or singing along like a fool while you’re driving to that song on your chill playlist that feels like it was written for your situation. Amiright? I’m sure we’ve all been there.

I hope when you have these moments you don’t let them nudge you into a place of timidity. But instead, let’s face the realities underlying them, wrestle it out, and absolutely take the time to listen to our hearts. We owe it to our hearts to give them a voice in the decisions we make and what we do. Let’s continue to take chances, live boldly. And absolutely 1 million percent, saddle up with a few people we can go to with anything, and can always count on to love and support us. Whatever comes our way, we’ll be ok. And see many more summers with albums full of photos of places and people we love!

Off-Shoulder structured top via the lovely Merilou Boutique, located in Wayzata, MN.
Photos by my talented friend & Minneapolis portrait photographer, Tyler Allix.

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  1. thank you for being vulnerable. open. giving us YOU! The world deserves the best version of ourselves and our world is better with the best version of Lindsey Kate!

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