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Healthy glowing skin and confidence go hand in hand. Ever since I found my jam with Skin Rejuvenation, my complexion has been so much clearer and I’ve been using a much lighter application of foundation. And going completely without is actually a possibility too! Which I basically NEVER would have considered pre-Skin Rejuvenation if I was planning on going anywhere public.

I’ve had relatively clear skin for most of my life. Don’t hate me, but honestly probably never any more than 5 zits at a time. Until 2015… this has been a more difficult year in my life with stressful changes that have impacted my emotional and overall wellbeing at times. I noticed my skin taking the brunt of it. It had some trouble areas with a little redness and let’s just say more than 5 zits/pimples (eu I hate that word and can’t believe it just made Ruby Girl. HA! It’s ok it’s worth it to share my lil skin story in hopes that it’s helpful to you!). These issues just couldn’t seem to be healed through my lackluster skincare routine. What can I say, I was spoiled most of my life with low-maintenance skin, so I’d just pick up random drugstore cleansers and moisturizers and tried a new system here and there but was rarely super consistent with it. So obviously when skin troubles came, I was completely lost.

Some dear friends of mine, a mother and a daughter, have worked with Emily and Dr. Beth at Skin Rejuvenation and had a really great experience, seeing results quickly. So I decided to pop in and try it out for myself. Emily was so so knowledgeable about the skincare process. She is genuine and friendly and within moments, made me feel right at home and like finally there was a solution. Emily took a look at my skin, asked a lot of questions, and set me up with some products to take home and try out. She noted right away, let’s give it 6 weeks to see if it’s working. If it’s not, come on back in and we will find something that does. Skin is complicated and very unique to each individual. Which is why it deserves custom treatment and a tailored approach.

I was ridiculously consistent for the first time in my life with my skincare and didn’t see the results I was hoping for. So I sheepishly emailed Emily and she was essentially like … “Girl. It’s fine. Come on back in we’ll go round 2!” (haha, my paraphrase). Again… totally making me feel comfortable and that this was NORMAL and OK. When I came in the second time, she asked more questions and from my responses gauged a new direction. I kept some of the products from Round 1 in play, set aside some, and integrated a few new others. Then it was time to put it to the test again.

Less than 6 weeks later, my skin started clearing up and over 2 months later, it’s still pretty dang crystal clear! No make-up days are actually an option now. And my skin just feels healthyyyy, smooth, and glowing.

To note, our skin is an actual organ in our body. It’s tied not only to topical treatments but general lifestyle and what we put in our mouths. I get enough sleep and I have a pretty healthy eating lifestyle with a diet of lots of fruit, veggies, mostly organic foods, and less processed foods. Trust me I indulge in a cheeseburger and fries on occasion and ice cream is a big part of my life haha. But overall, I eat healthy. And I take a slew of vitamins, including a multi, Vitamin D, Biotin, Zinc, and essential oils. Doesn’t hurt to incorporate this into the skincare routine too!

Photos by Iz Kruse.

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