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This beautiful beautiful land is in Chaska, Minnesota. My aunt and uncle live here and have this gorgeous flowing creek and white wooden bridge as their backyard. I grew up on this land. My family would come and visit often and we’d play with the cousins over the hill and deeper into the woods. One of my cousins and I actually built a fort on top of the hill with wood and sticks, eeyore-style, that lasted almost a decade, through storms, wind, tornados… I don’t know, maybe we should have been engineers? 🙂 So when I went back here for a wedding, you can bet I was struck by nostalgia. I love this dreamy place and every chance to just soak up the beauty of it.
Over the weekend, I went in to Evolution Hair in Minneapolis for a hair conditioning treatment and a styled look for an event I had later in the day. I showed my stylist, Heidi, a picture of a Blake Lively messy braidy side-do. She took it as inspiration and improvised to create this super fun hair look that I had a blast sporting all day. I had an incredible experience and will definitely be back for more treatments and styled updo’s!
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  1. Beautiful — all of it. Digging that bold yellow dress too. You match the dandelions in the meadow!

    Who knew that Chaska was so lovely?

  2. You look stunning! Don't you wish there was more occasions/places where we could wear fancy dresses? But hey, your blog is a great place to start 🙂

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