puppy lovin

all white outfit

medium long haircut

black and white style hamptons white

coach bag  strapless jumpsuit

white jumpsuit

summer style

yorkie puppy

black and white profile

white on white

Whenever I get around to writing the actual words in these blog posts, I sort of jar myself into a suddenly reflective mood. Maybe because it’s usually late, and I usually have the perfectly ratio-ed cream to water to steep-time tea sitting next to me. And also because I made a call a while ago that I’d only write what I really meant. To be present when I wrote. To dial in and be intentional about what I’m putting out there in my little corner of the world. In case anyone decides to read this part, I decided I wanted it to be a real connection. From my genuine thoughts and heart to yours. Not that it has to be deeply profound or stirring. Just real. So I pause Netflix. It’s like my white noise while I’m doing mostly mindless tasks like photo-editing. Or I turn off the music. And just kind of settle into the silence of the room. It really starts to feel like a blank canvas for a hot minute. Then comes the typing, which is one of my favorite sounds in the world. Silence and typing. The sound of that is like the smell of a good old book from a library. For every 1 good-smelling book though let’s be honest, there are about 9 whiffs that make you recoil. Still worth trying for the good ones though.

So I guess today I just wrote about writing 🙂

Also how enchanting is this little doll of a pup I’m keeping an eye on for the week for a family friend (or what could more accurately be referred to as my friend family… since I’m friends with all of them)? I just melt when she trots over, jumps in my lap, and burrows into me. This happened about 2 seconds ago. I’m just like ok I’ll take care of you forever and give you anything you want it’s fine.

Like the outfit? Here are some links so you can shop it right off mah back:
Coach purse || Tobi jumpsuit || Coach sunglasses || layered necklace

photos by isabel kruse

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