Fashion Week Minnesota: My Event Line-Up

The W Hotel Foshay Minneapolis

When I go to NYC for fashion week I always end up raving all over town about our amazing fashion week right here in Minnesota. You guys… it’s actually pretty great. Big thanks to Jahna Peloquin & Sarah Edwards and the rest of the pillars of fashion in Minnesota who do the heavy lifting to make such an incredible experience for all of us to enjoy!

Fashion Week Minnesota is for everyone. Book your tickets to events. You’ll have a blast!

And let’s avoid the “I saw you at _____ event” snapchat messages after the events. If you see me, COME the heck over and SAY HI! I lovvve meeting you!!!

Definitely check out the whole calendar, there’s something for us all. But as ya girl has a strict policy on work hard, play hard… balancing social, blog, and work life means as much as I love a party, I simply cannot go to everything! Here are the events you can expect to see me at, the ones I’m real excited about!


Thursday 9/15 7pm Minnstafashion @ W Hotel
Hosted by The Scout Guide Mpls & The W Hotel. Love the swanky, modern ambience of the bar area. And so many of my fav blogger friends hit this up so it’s like a little fam reunion to start off the week. So many laughs, so many pics. And it’s different because it’s just a party not like a runway show or presentation so lots of time to hang and mingle. And it’s free!

Saturday 9/17 2pm Macy’s Fashion Front Row @ Southdale
A Shopping Party! And another free event. For more info visit You can RSVP there too. Some of my friends Kate & Kelli & Davee are hosting! Mari of Collected Rentals is also helping stage the space. Macy’s always has great pieces for fall and super do-able price point. Stock up on fashions to wear to all these events and for the rest of the season.

Sunday 9/18 5pm I am Inspired @ Intelligent Nutrients
Art & fashion looks will be presented. Promises to be amazing because my girl Katie‘s INCREDIBLE ART is all over this event & Sarah Edwards is producing. Will be running home to tailgate for the Packer-Viking game shortly after (Guys I’m from Wisco, I have to say Packer first! Vikings are my second favorite team so don’t hate. But when the two play each other, hometown wins!)

Tuesday 9/20 7pm Danielle Everine @ City Wide Artists
Project Runway Designer alum based out of Minnesota always kills it at her collections. This one should be good! I always love to see what she makes. More info:

Wednesday 9/21 7pm HOMME Menswear @ Modist Brewing
Men dressed well. Yea. That’s really all I need to say about this one. Tickets:

Saturday 9/24 8pm Envision @ Orchestra Hall
10-year anniversary of one of the biggest fashion events in the cities. Allison of Ignite produces flawlessly and her models wear local designers collections like Kendall and Gigi. Big beautiful runway. Lots and lots and lots of fashion at this one. They even have to have an intermission.

Can’t help it I love my job and what we do and I’m obviously addicted to spray tans so if you need a glow for this stuff, go to The Glow Lounge. Book here. You won’t regret.

Image taken at The W Hotel, Lady Vamp Artistry make-up being the glam squad.

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