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Some people enjoy exercising. The running, the sweating, the lifting, the stretching, all of it. They just eat it up. I say more power to them. On the other hand, I tend to find myself more in the boat of dreading it, suffering through it but yayy! Enjoying how it feels afterwards. And no joke it helps like a bajillion percent when I’m wearing a cute gym outfit. This is where Deus Fight steps in. This grey tee, black tank and the capri leggings and yoga pants are really comfortable and perfect for getting in the best work-out possible. Even if you’re in work-out survival mode boat right along with me.

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  1. I am just trying to get back to the gym and it is so so hard to find the motivation to do so. As silly as it may sound, looking cute for yourself at the gym really does help the most often dreaded trip to the gym 🙂 cute outfits!

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