Frosted Pastels


mint green jeans: f21, polka-dotted sweater: i<3ronson, ankle booties: qupid, sunglasses: f21, clutch: rewind vintage
Photos by Margy Higgins… my darling mother.


You know those songs that come in your head from nowhere? I call that my personal mental playlist. There’s no real criteria for making it on the list. I have no control over which songs make the cut. Some are regretful members, such as “I saw the Sign”, by Ace of Base. The one I’m about to share with you is a pleasant companion that has been circulating since about 6th grade.
every point of view has another angle
and every angle has its merit
but it all comes down to faith
that’s the way I see it
you can say that love is not divine and
you can say that life is not eternal
“all we have is now”
but I don’t believe it
there’s a God-shaped hole in all of us
and the restless soul is searching
and it’s a void that only he can fill
does the world seem grey with empty longing
wearing every shade of cynical
and do you every feel that
there is something missing?
that’s my point of view…

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  1. I am in love with this outfit!! The mint green is such an amazing color and paired with the gray dotted sweater is perfect!

    xo, gina

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