Give Back, Give Love

alter'd state playsuit lindsey kate

alter'd state playsuit alter'd state playsuit lindsey kate alter'd state playsuit lindsey kate

alter'd state playsuit lindsey kate

alter'd state playsuit lindsey kate

alter'd state playsuit lindsey kate alter'd state playsuit lindsey kate  alter'd state playsuit lindsey kate

Sometimes a company just gets it. And we like it. So the company does well. Like, real well. Altar’d State is one of the fastest growing women’s clothing and accessory retailers and for a reason. Maybe a few reasons. Their products are trend-right and wearable for most. Their online store is very user-friendly and regularly updated. Their price point is good, reflecting a higher quality good but not quite inaccessible designer pricing. And… their humanity is made so very evident through many heartfelt efforts to give back and move along local community-based, worthy causes.

This winter is no exception. Altar’d State is supporting Give Love campaign and encouraging others to give their time by actually paying its employees to get out and volunteer in their charities of choice. Altar’d State is also partnering with organizations that provide food and shelter to those in need by donating 10% of the day’s net proceeds every Monday. With every purchase, Altar’d State is further inspiring simple acts of kindness by giving a small gift – a lock and key- with each purchase, one component of which is to be given to someone in need of a little extra love this holiday season. I love that!

Knowing that Altar’d State puts such a focus on giving makes me really want to shop there -especially on Mondays. We can also join the movement by using the hashtag #ASGiveLove to talk about how we plan to give love this Christmas. So so SO cool of a reminder to keep things externally focused in the midst of a busy time. Participating in the #ASGiveLove buzz also means we get a chance to receive an Altar’d State giftcard and have a donation made to a charity of our choice.


We actually just got an Altar’d State store at the Mall of America in Minnesota. I shopped it the other day and picked up a few gifts for my family, a big cozy sherpa vest and the velvet playsuit you see pictured here…. among other things lol. Pop in the next time you’re there! Which for me will be sometime this week, more Christmas shopping to finish up! I always say I’m gonna get it all done before this week but it never quite happens. So to the MOA I go!

Hope you’re enjoying these last few days before Christmas!


photos by Gavin Crews

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