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This post is sponsored by Silpada.

As a style blogger, I get to wear a lot of hats. Like, I could probably fill an entire room with all of the different proverbial hats. But my latest and greatest is as a Silpada Stylemaker. This means I sell Silpada jewelry socially and—my favorite part—casually! To my friends and family. No parties are required. The ShopBox is delivered right to your door, and you earn on sales (25 to 30%!) and referrals ($50 for each person who also becomes a Stylemaker).

So Silpada sent me over a box of 15 pieces. If you’re following along on Snapchat (username “lindseyherzog”), you saw me unwrap and unveil the pretty jewelry pieces and accessories a few weeks ago. I’ve been styling the pieces all over Instagram (username “lindseykate_xo”) this month. They are super versatile pieces. You can see some of my favs in the photos here.

Here’s how it can work. Someone goes, “omg, I love that necklace.” And as a Silpada Stylemaker, you say, “Really, you like? I can get you one.” They buy through you and you get them the necklace. It’s easy for them and it’s personal, which is fun. What if everything you saw on someone that you liked you could literally buy off of them? Like, no they wouldn’t strip and give it to you in the moment, but they could be like, “Ok, no problem. I’ll get you one!”

And no, you don’t have to have a party to sell the jewelry, but you can if you want to! Just pop open your Silpada ShopBox and set out your stuff kind of like I did here. Add some champagne, a pretty tablecloth, and some macarons, and invite your friends over for a little shopping hang. If they like the pieces and want to buy, cool. If not, sit back, relax, chat, and catch up! It’s a no-pressure situation, which I like. You’re simply giving your girlfriends an opportunity to shop right from your place if they want! Whatever doesn’t sell from your ShopBox, you just ship back to Silpada, free of charge.

Shop my favorites from my Shop box:
1. Monroe Crossbody
2. Pearl Cuff Ring
. Crystal & Gold Necklace
4. Crystal Rocks Necklace
5. Chandelier Earrings
6. Gold Watch
7. Wrap Bracelet

Make a Statement.

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// Photos by Iz Kruse //

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