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Goal Setting 2017

I just did a little impromptu Snapchat chitchat on goal-setting this morning and am getting a great response already! Yay! Catch it in the next 24 hours at lindseykate_xo.

So this one’s for all the life nerds out there who relish the annual open-arms invitation (phrase loved and borrowed from my friend Bess Pearson) to sit down in front of a blank google doc or if you’re like next-level lifenerd, even a blank piece of paper with freshly shaven pencils & reflect on the last year while setting goals for the next!

Here are 3 tips for getting the most out of your goal-setting for 2017!

  1. 1. Break down goals by category.
    -Here’s a good 5 to get started: Give Back, Grow Personally, Grow Professionally, Be Well, & Do Hobbies!
    -Make additional categories for specific areas of interest. I have two others capturing my Marketing business & my Blog/Instagram goals.
  2. 2. Make specific goals you can actually see yourself realistically achieving!
    -Instead of “Be more patient”, write “Honk less while driving” or “Take 5 deep breaths while waiting in line instead of roll my eyes 5 times and hate on life and everyone in front of me taking 25 minutes to take out just the right credit card and ask every possible follow-up question in the book” lol
    -Instead of “Travel the world”, say “Visit one place on my travel bucket list”
  3. 3. Circle back and check in on goals 3-4 times a year.
    -Make a thing out of it. Take yourself on a goal-check in date. Put 4 dates in your calendar now. Take yourself out to coffee and bring your 2017 goals. You’ll start to look forward to it!
    -If you’re serious about these goals, this is veryyy important. Otherwise they just fall to the wayside and never get looked at again.


This is one small way to start doing life on purpose. Making far-off dreams our practical, daily, reality. We don’t just grow in character and professionally on accident. We don’t just achieve our dreams because the right opportunities just fell in our laps time and time again. Let’s be intentional and see change & growth actually happen in 2017!

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