How to Pack for Spring Break

hitting the beaches for a bit of refuge from the 9 to 5’s. Honestly the
Snapchat stories are driving me a little crazy. All the bright blue waters and
white sand beaches, making me want to catch the next plane ride to Palm Beach.
Because I honestly believe that spring breaks are not something we should grow
out of. Spring breaks for everyone!
packing for spring break, there are several essentials to include for the trip.
1.  Coral tennis shoes: Going from beach to pool to hotel room
at a moment’s notice means 
we need a comfortable pair of slip-on shoes. These
coral ladies shoes are ridiculously cute with 
a definite Taylor Swift
flair.  These shoes look like they’re
ready for some spring break adventures.
2. White shorts: It
doesn’t get a whole lot more Jackie Onassis Kennedy than these pleated white
 shorts. A crisp and fresh look, these shorts are ready to hit Palm Beach.
3. Nautical Accessories: Add a rope necklace to your outfit for just the right touch of style. 
It’s casual,
more comfortable than a metal, and all sorts of preppy. A straw hat is
another spring 
break must-have.
4. Florals: Almost a no-brainer, this print is an absolute must for a spring
break trip. Wear it in 
a skirt, a top,
or accessories for a feminine, beachy look.
5. Stripes:
A chic
basic, I usually pack at least 2-3 striped items. It’s a print that anyone at
any age 
or with any body type can wear. This striped tennis dress
polished and chic as well as extra
 flattering with the cinched waist. The beach blanket is another perfectly stylish striped spring
break accessory.
Lightweight sweater: For those late night walks on the beach to look at the
stars and listen to the
 waves, it’s nice to have a light layer to throw on with
our shorts and tennis shoes. I love
this one with
 the lobster print, it’s got a nice New England coastline feel to
7. Bikini:
Finding just the right swimsuit (… or two or three) is an annual quest for the ages. So when
 we find
just the right one, it’s fun to be able to sport it on those sunny days at the
8. Bright colors: If one was to check out my pack job for
a spring break trip, it could basically be
 described as a rainbow in a
suitcase. If I’m headed to the tropics, I’ll definitely be sporting an array
bright clothes to match the summery surroundings.
Now that
we’ve got our packing all figured out, it’s back to daydreaming about sunny
days and blue waters until we jetset outta here.

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  1. I LOVE That dress in the middle! I was never one for too preppy or too sporty looking items but lately the high street is doing such a good job at convincing me I have to try the trend!

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