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When I first learned about the #IGiveaShirt campaign, I knew I had to take on the project. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t rearrange my life around environmenal sustainability as much as I would like to. But I do really like this world. It’s kinda pretty. It’s kinda home. So for now, when I can make easy changes that have a real impact, I like to. It takes 700 gallons of water to make one cotton t-shirt. That blows me away. One small thing we can do that will make a big difference in reducing our clothing footprint is donating shirts to places like Savers to get clothing back in circulation instead of it just going to waste sitting in a closet or being thrown out.

Plus, not everyone can spend an arm and a leg on clothing. It’s just not a priority. So actively donating nicer branded clothing makes it possible for everyone to access quality clothing and put together outfits they can feel and look great in, which totally boosts confidence in approaching the day, approaching life. And all at a much more do-able price point than original retail value. If I can be even a small part of that story… awesome.

I honestly haven’t done a lot of thrift shopping lately. With work, general life projects, and a relentlessly active social life, I’m so busy I end up doing a lot of my shopping in local boutiques where I’m already out and about running errands or online or at a one-stop mall type situation before a trip when I need to stock up and prep outfits. But after this partnership, I’m thinking I want to make thrift store donations and gem-surfing a bigger part of my shopping experience.

A huge thanks to all the beautiful ladies & fellow fashion bloggers that came out to support the cause. My good friends Sami, Carli, Jewel, and Kate and Kelli celebrated the cause on National Thrift Shop Day with a little get together and some #IGiveaShirt screen printed tee’s we picked out from Savers. We did some shopping at Savers and everyone found some clothing, accessories, or home decor gems they were real excited about. All in all it ended up being the perfect fit and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do my small part to help make a difference.

Photos & Videography by Paul Weaver, who also gives a shirt 🙂

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