If you can’t tell by my mussied locks and the grey sky, it was a slightly rainy walk around Lake Calhoun. On a Saturday afternoon, this place should be packed with hundreds of Minneapolis Uptowners getting in their run or beaching it for the afternoon. But the rain kept most people away and for some reason our determined souls ventured out anyway. And I don’t think it will be the last time we traverse Calhoun in the rain. It felt quite our own, with the lack of peeps meandering around. Of course, Patrick wasn’t too excited to be carrying my light blue frilly polka dotted umbrella.
Enjoy your weekend, darlings!
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  1. We often have a "third wheel" with us as friends come along! We always have lots of fun with friends regardless of the odd number. I love that lake-what a great shot for pictures! You both look so in love.

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