valleyfair outfit


ruby girl at valleyfair

knit hat


pink pants

denim jacket

funnel cake

jean jacket

A couple weekends ago, my friends and I hit up ValleyFair. It was the first time I’d been in way too long. I could honestly ride Wild Thing and the Swing thing next to it the whole time, with a few funnel cake breaks in between 🙂 They have ValleyScare going on right now and it’s the last weekend for it, so if you haven’t been, it’s a blast. I’d totally recommend it. Ride the rollercoasters and then stick around for the haunted houses and mazes and everything. Just make sure you bring someone who doesn’t mind if you hide behind them or squeeze their hand super tight when you get scared. Cause that’s totally me, I cannot handle even the slightest freak-out calmly and rationally.

Shop today’s outfit:
j.crew jean jacket || cabi pink pants || sperry penny loafers via macys || striped j.crew shirt || old navy knit hat || anthropologie tortoiseshell sunglasses || tory burch pink purse || fossil necklace

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