la vraie vie

The longer it goes between my last post and this one, the more epic I feel it needs to be. So I’m just gonna pop back in here quick before things get out of hand and I publish up a fully-birthed novel on that LindseyKate.Co. It’s funny the things you pick up as you go along and the unexpected ways you pick them up. For me, it’s definitely a collection of little things like the sun peeking through the petals of a pretty bloom blowing gently on the canvas of a bright blue sky reminding me to slow down and appreciate the simple things. And bigger things like saying “yes” to an experience that winds up flooding you with the realization that no matter how much “big city” you see, you’re still that small-town girl from Wisconsin.

No matter where you go and how you spend your time, you can pick these things up or leave them right where they are, letting them be for someone else’s story, but not yours. Your story is sacred. Since moving to New York, I’ve picked up quite a lot… wound up in endless situations that have me shaking my head and smiling so big, feeling so alive and so appreciative for that particular moment and the people I’m getting to share it with. I’ve learned from the wildly unpredictable principles people around here casually reveal with their little personal proverbs and witty stances. But I have a lot I’ve never and will never let go of. I’ll still cherish forever moments with my high school best friends and our girls trips and how even after 6 months of living in separate cities, when we get back together, we can finish each other’s sentences and even when we’re in such different life stages, we can still belly-laugh 10 times a day and dance in the most unexpected places. And the unconditional love I discovered from the new friends who I found in Minneapolis at one of my more uncertain moments in life that brought me to new levels of self-assuredness, and equipped me to take chances in the years to come. For family who has your back and stands by you through the up’s and down’s. And whose loyal energy you can feel even from 999 miles away.


So when you look at a Miami sunset, or catch an unexpected view of a crisp crescent moon over the Empire State Building out your East Village window, and it somehow settles your soul and teaches you something, just go on and pick that little thing up and stay woke for the next one.

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