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photos by jaimee morse
What a difference a day makes. Literally. Like when you wake up on Monday morning, all we can think of is what it would be like to not wake up until say 11. Or coffee, all we can think of is coffee. But when Friday comes, and the weekend is just 5 copies, 3 project meetings, and several emails away… we kind of feel like the birds are chirping just for us. I mean how many times do you walk out of your house to your car, look around you, smile & sigh … “life is good!”. Well however many times you do that, I bet 80% of them are on Fridays. There are entire playlists devoted to today. Filled with happy, dancy, party like it’s 5pm songs. All this to say, TGIF! And enjoy your weekend.
Also… in case you missed the last post, Ruby Girl’s re-launch is NEXT week. I can hardly wait!
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Photos taken at the St. Paul Hotel

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