Hunter Boots

Just bought my first pair of these…!! Guess what color?

Now I want to know, what colors do you have and what color would you get?

Simply out of sheer curiosity.

Ok I can’t stand it anymore I’m so proud of this little Hunter boot rainbow I made. Tedious stuff, that graphic design. But still such fun. Especially when you see the finished product. Had to share. Though I’m sure I’m not the first or 230592nd to make one of these. Still.

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  1. First of all, can't believe you made this! So cute!

    Second, I have the dark green tall matte Hunters. The hunter Hunters haha.

    Third, I am dying for a short glossy pair in maybe black or gray. Or a tall red glossy. Or a tall yellow glossy. Or pink. Ok, just give me all of them!

    Fourth, I can't wait to see which you got! šŸ™‚

    <3 The Daily Dani

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