Lilly Love


This weekend felt like a track meet. Or how I imagine a track meet would have felt, considering I’ve never actually participated in one. Sprinting your heart out one second and then resting the next. Repeat x 3. I don’t mind the busy as long as I have moments of “ahh… this is nice”. Cue classical instrumental music. Speaking of classical music, I’ve been listening to it like non-stop on my commutes to and from appointments at work. It is the darn soothingest thing. I’ve had an affinity for it since I was a kid, and still turn to it often. Usually when I’m tired of everything else on the radio. But of late, it’s been my first pick. I love how music can take you to another world for a few minutes, feed you grapes and fan palm branches over you and then usher you gently back into reality, refreshed and ready for the next thing.


dress: lilly pulitzer

shoes: make me chic

purse: f21

bangles: c/o inpink




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