Maxi Dress 3 Ways

Maxi skirts are quickly becoming a widespread trend. They come in jersey, chiffon, silk, and sheer, in basically every color, some patterned or color-blocked, some solid. Not to mention a highly underestimated perk: they double as a rare warm-weather hiding spot for unshaven legs.
Puzzled at how to rock these lovelies? Here are three of my favorite directions to go with them. You can pair a pleated mint maxi with another pastel like in the first look to make a feminine, whimsical look. Throw on a neon satchel for a an unexpected pop of neon. The second look features a sophisticated vibe with contrast paneling. Another approach is to go tribal, styling ikat print with a bold red and organic materials. (Feel free to check the brands/where to buy the above items here). 
Hope this gives you a little maxspiration. 
…yea? Can we roll with that wordplay? 

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