From the boyfriend jeans to the menswear plaid houndstooth blazer (complete with elbow patches), I’ve taken a cue from the classy granddads of the world on this one. Goodness, at this rate, by next post I’ll be smoking a cigar and playing chess. This blazer though! With the heritage-style plaid, it was already love at first sight. Then I saw the elbow pads- dead giveaway. It was coming home. It’s already been an excellent companion this Fall and it’s got the looks of one that will stick around my wardrobe for a long time. 

In other news, I passed my LICSW exam! 8 years of studying, learning, consulting, field experience, paper-writing … and with one click of a button, I found out that I would be receiving licensure to practice psychotherapy independently, for families, children & individuals. I don’t talk a lot about my day-job on here, but thought I would share this pretty big milestone with you. Thankful to the Lord my God for giving me motivation when I was feeling low, perseverance for the tougher moments, and passion for those I could hopefully aid in some way through working together. Humbled by the process and looking forward to embarking on this new jaunt of my professional journey.

One more thing… would love to have you check out Fearless Fashionista! It’s a magazine-type fashion blog with trend reports, shopping guides, recipes, and beauty posts. I’ve been writing the blog for the last few months for 5 local shopping malls. You may find it incredibly awesome. Scratch that. You will find it incredibly awesome. 😉

jeans: c/o silver
blazer: francesca’s
shirt: vintage
rings: kristin perry
clutch: c/o danielle nicole
necklace: forever 21
shoes: c/o oasap

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  1. Congratulations on passing the exam!! It most certainly is a milestone!
    I love this outfit. These pics look like they belong in a Ralph Lauren ad.

  2. 1. When I saw the first picture I said to myself "that blazer would be PERFECT if it had elbow patches" and POOF, it does! I adore this look SOOO much! I'm such a fan of menswear.

    2. CONGRATS on your certification! That is an amazing accomplishment!! Hard work pays off 🙂


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