Midas Touch

I just found out that Beyonce has this dress too. Hey Bey, let’s twin sometime, k girl? The last time I wore this was on a distant Monday, in a land far far away called NYC. Like NYC, this dress is one of my favorites and was fun to slip back into it after a long absence. Every girl should have a few dresses or purses or shoes that make them feel like a million bucks. The reason why couldn’t have been demonstrated better than in the post of one of my friends’ on Instagram the other day. Sasha of Moiology is a new mom, of a darling little girl. She’s absolutely loving motherhood, but has been transparent about the change involved in the journey. She shared a simple picture looking down at her floral skirt with a pair of exquisite Manolos peeking out. She mentioned being grateful to have church on Sundays to get dressed up for. It’s not like a pair of shoes, even Manolos, can lead to world peace or save a life or help us win the nobel prize but somehow little moments like Sasha’s can be just the right touch of “everything’s going to be ok” to get us through to Tuesday.

The website re-design launch of Ruby Girl is coming up soon, so stay tuned!

photos by Jaimee Morse

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  1. Gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE your new hair color – have I told you that?! It suits you so well and brings out those beautiful blue eyes! such a cute dress and can't wait for the relaunch of Ruby Girl!

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