Mode Republic

I’m simply delighted to share that Mode Republic, an online fashion community, has given me the honor of being their Cover Model for the week. They also interviewed me, you can check that out right here.
top: wet seal, pants: hallelu, necklace: nordstrom rack, belt: pac sun, boots: kmart


Leather Pants! As soon as you get into them you either feel like a model or a Grease cast member. Personally, I think both sound equally awesome.Question for ya. When you go to a gas station and decide to snatch up a little treat, what do you go for first? I grew up in a family that went on lots of road trips and developed what is now known as a “Higgins Stop” by those lucky enough to know us. This is how it works… Enter gas station. Grab whatever goodies your heart desires. Make sure to get it on the counter before dad swipes the credit card. Return to car and continue road trip, content for at least a few more hours. As for me… I always b-lined it for the Combos. To this day, I hold them in the highest regard. And believe them to be grossly underrated. Just polished off a bag a few minutes ago.

You know what’s almost as good as Combos? Free clothes.
You could get yo-self $50 to mauricesΒ through this lil giveaway.

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  1. Aww that's awesome that you were the cover girl! You look amazing!!!!! πŸ™‚ And obviously are rocking some fabulous Grease/model attire. I personally haven't worn leather pants since my uhh baby blue PLEATHER Old Navy Flares I rocked in middle school, but you look great in them!

    & love the road trip story… I def did the same w/my dad & combos are to die for. I loveeeeeeeeee them & just only recently tried them 2 days ago.

  2. Congrats on being the cover model! Awesome!

    Lovely sweater and necklace today too!

    And as for the gas station, I usually went for some kind of candy bar, I had such a sweet tooth as a kid! I would get a Twix or Kit Kat bar. Now I get Peanut M&M's. Balance the sweet with a little salt. πŸ™‚

  3. sooo i had to share that the first thing i think of when i think of leather pants is that friends episode when ross wears leather pants and is on a date, and they get stuck around his ankles. in his attempt to get them off, he tries baby powder and then lotion and it turns into this big goopy mess.

    i can imagine that happening to me if i ever wore leather pants.

  4. congrats on the cover! that is awesome! i love your look! i'm in love with leather pants and i definitely think you should feel more model than Grease character! LOL. Love your cute purse too. <3


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