Muted Tones + Neon

Ahhh these jeans make my heart melt a bit. They’re from MODE, a local designer outlet boutique in Maple Grove, MN. They carry some of the most quality denim around for crazy reduced prices. Totes love it. 

Not sure if it’s just free-spirited quirkyness or an Elizabeth Bennet style “abominable sort of conceited independence”, or an inability to waste a moment, but I’ve found that at times my multi-tasking gets a little wonky. No place is this more evident than in the hair salon chair. In general, the only activities involved are chatting with your stylist, tipping your chin this way and that for them, and sticking your neck in those miserable sinks. Not so with yours truly. I’ve been known to do far stranger things in the hair salon chair: pluck my eyebrows, chow down Potato Ole’s (w/cheese dip, of course), dink around on my laptop, and brush/blow-dry my own hair, just to speed things up a bit. Life’s too short to pass up Ole’s for a hair appointment.

Kova&T Jeans: c/o MODE ($39!), neon heels: c/o lulus, top: vintage (similar), fringe bag: Len, necklace: c/o MODE

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  1. Hi ruby,
    I'm ev's friend who posted about our time abroad together. Just thought I would check out your blog too.
    It's adorable! You have great style!

  2. what a beautiful top! and wow you do get a lot done at the salon! okay this may be the last time I'll go on about your hair but it's hard not to say anything again because it looks amazing!!

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