There are a million ways we can live beyond ourselves and improve the world around us. Whether it’s writing a check to a charity organization or volunteering at a shelter or donating our time to a crisis nursery. Nothing like looking into the eyes of someone corralling 3 children and clearly loving them ardently while working desperately to provide for their family’s next meal… or being faced with someone diagnosed with a terminal illness that the medical field is a few major donations away from finding a cure for…. to remind us of how small we are and how big this world is and how real the pain and struggle can be. And so many are right in the middle of it.

I think it starts with just being there. Outside of our regular world. Being not just aware but making eye-contact. And that naturally churns up in us an innate response of love and thirst for justice and almost a protectiveness of our fellow human. So that taking action becomes like… of course. Naturale.

It’s ok to start small but we should for sure start now. Easy to be like, well… I’m really busy right now or I’m still saving up for this or that. But habits are a powerful shaper of humanity. If we start something when we have little (time, energy, resources), we will be more likely to continue when we have more. And we as individuals have the incredible honor to hold this unlimited potential within each of us … as agents of very real change. And the really cool thing is, since we are all so different, we each have such widely ranging passions which will resonate with particular movements and organizations that are doing good things in our communities & across the world. So if everyone makes it a regular life priority to get involved with and contribute to organizations and movements closest to their hearts, all the bases will get covered!

Grateful for businesses like Altar’d State and all of the ways they actually walk this out. Their employees have volunteered 4000 hours of time for non-profit organizations. They sponsor 168 children in Peru. They’ve donated $3.3 million to various community-based organizations and charities, most chosen by retail employees at their stores. If every business gave back the way they do, yikes…. we’d really be mobilizing a lot of agents for change. And idk I like buying a shirt from a place that has this mindset and manifest action over a place that doesn’t. Not that I won’t ever shop at places that don’t but I’d rather support places that do. You know?

So so soooo many incredible organizations out there. And I do believe we should each find our own fit but it may take some sampling. Two that are close to my heart are Dress for Success & People Serving People. I’d love to hear of others you love and ways you like to get involved and make the world a better place! It’s wildly cliche I know, but just actually so important and a conversation we need to keep having. <3

This post sponsored by Altar’d State, but all thoughts and opinions 100% me.

kimono via Altar’d State (under $60), dress via Reed Marie Collection
photos by Iz Kruse

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