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My goal for this post is to somehow incorporate the word penchant. Which is not going to be all that difficult because it is CLEAR that I have a penchant for looking down to the left when my photo is being taken. Obvi. It’s quickly becoming a pet peeve. This may be clear to you if you’ve noticed that I’ve referenced this in previous posts. Do I have some sort of beef with looking down to the right? What’s wrong with the right side of the world? Nothing. I’m quite convinced. By the way, Patrick and my sister and I figured out why Krispy Kremes are not popular anymore. Everyone got healthy. Thought I’d let you in on a little of the road trip funness that is going down right now as I write this.
top: len (also styled hereherehere, & here), skirt: f21, boots: vintage (also styled here & here), bag: thrifted 

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  1. Oh my, Lindsey! I can't even describe how beautiful this photography and you look! This outfit was MADE for you and you just look as gorgeous as ever. Keep up your darling blog posts, I enjoy seeing them in my feed 🙂 xx Maria

  2. It's so funny how we do things like that in photos! I think I have a penchant (!) for looking down at my dog – who is always by my side – it's stops that awkward looking right into the camera moment!

    ♥ ThankFifi

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