Popped the champagne tonight. Slow sipping. My nyc & chill now playlists rollin on the Bose. Writing from a new bed. Curled up and just in general feelin it.

One thing I insisted on bringing all the way to NYC was this banana plant. One of my big girl splurge purchases, vase and all, from one of my favorite floral shops in Minnesota. This plant was the precious cargo of the journey out east and everyone knew it. I packed the car obnoxiously carefully with the express purpose of preserving as much of its health as I could. Is it in perfect condition, for sure no. Some of the leaves are a little jagged. Some are a little dried out. But for some reason it’s got a hold on me, it just does! One thing I recently realized was this whole time it’s been in a small plastic pot within the big ceramic one. And you know what I also realized? Yes it’s doing fine. Yes it’s grown. But it’s absolutely ready for new soil and more room to grow.

I’m absolutely a romantic. I’m absolutely sentimental. A meaning-needer. So thinking about this move, there’s been a very rich exploration of why… and why now. And all-around, it’s been pretty lovely to see doors open and close to guide me into settling into NYC in this particular moment. In this particular place.

“Leaving” Minnesota was hard. Because I’ve found such an abundant situation there. How can any one person be so lucky to be surrounded by such incredible, inspiring, beautiful, kind, loving people. My family, my friends, my business relationships. The quality and positivity, and compassion from these people I will cherish forever. I “left” but can never actually leave in spirit. It’s become so much of my soul.

So here I am at Le Petit Chateau, in NYC. It’s not home yet. But it will be.

Cheers to new beginnings. To growing as a woman. Becoming more of the person I want to be. Growing in character. Budding new leaves and being fine with a little tear and break here and there as I figure things out. Staying grounded and in touch with my roots, faith-filled. Embracing how this big, vibrant city will impact me but never losing sight of my core, my foundation, and all that has made me who I am. Here’s to building new friendships, growing my business, and finding love. Strengthening and extending my roots in this new city in this next decade. To kindness, to soft hearts, to creativity, prosperity, authenticity, and making the world a better place.

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  1. Congratulations on your big move to the Big Apple, Lindsey! As an ex-New Yorker myself, I commend you for your decision. My parents also moved from Minnesota (St. Olaf College) to NYC just after they graduated and got married in one fell swoop, and I’m grateful to that for the happy memories of Fun City it gave me. You, too, will make many happy memories in New York. (I plan to make some this fall, when I take a spin down there to see the MOMA’s Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit [you should go!] and take a walk along the Literary Walk on the Mall in Central Park.) If there’s anything about NYC you’d like to know, feel free to shoot me a reply or an email. Good luck, have fun, and Happy Labor Day!

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