Officewear in Blue



So this is what you call an unconventional suit. It would take a brave soul to venture from classic black, grey, tan basic suits into the world of blueberry woman. But I know you’re out there! And you guys, this monochromatic train is picking up everything in its path so make sure you don’t miss out. Such a fun, slick little trend. I popped in the jade purse and emerald necklace to add a little color differential. On a side note, each item in this “3-piece-suit” was bought from a different place and has a different fabric/texture. It’s ok to mix and match, in fact, I think it makes things more interesting than a standard suit.
necklace: c/ o jen hoodenpyle
suit coat: cabi || shop similar here—> splurge
pants: banana republic || shop similar here—> save
laser-cut top: c/o Diva NY || shop similar here—> save
gingham heels: found on Poshmark || shop similar here—> splurge
purse: marshalls || shop similar here—> save

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  1. This is so darling! I love the blue with the gold jewlery! I've beenw waiting a pain of blue slacks for awhile, but I haven't gotten that brave yet! You've inspired me to try it now, though!

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