ok, ready for spring… and spring clothes!!

skirt: modcloth, shoes: ruche, jacket: ruche, scarf: ruche, top: ruche
purse: ruche

jacket: ruche, skirt: modcloth, top: topshop

necklace: anthropologie, purse: ruche, top: ruche, shorts: ruche, shoes: lulus

dress 1: ruche, dress 2: ruche, dress 3: topshop 
Here we are. February 11. In Minnesota. And I don’t know, but maybe, just maybe we are on the cusp of spring. I mean, come on. I heard we are looking at 40 degrees for sunday. can you believe it? heat wave! maybe it’s time to start thinking spring wardrobe. these are some of my favorite finds. as always, i’m drawn to feminine looks, asymmetry, and lots of frills. lace, bunching, detailing. Enjoy!
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