Yesterday I got to see one of the most moving moments of my existence. A beautiful, bright-eyed first-grade girl who uses a walker due to developmental delay was playing kickball with her class and it was her turn to kick. It was so wonderful to see her excitement as the ball neared her foot. She gave a gentle kick, supported by a helper, and began to slowly move towards first base. The thickness of joy grew in the room with every step she took. The game was on a delightful pause as the gym teacher clapped and all the students cheered and even began chanting her name. I will never forget the look on her face, every inch of it covered with bliss, pride, and acceptance. One of those little glimpses of heaven, to be perfectly cliche. I know it touched God’s heart to see the dignity and grace of this class and his little daughter in this moment.
Now that I got all Chicken Soup for the Soul on ya… have an awesome Wednesday, friends! And don’t forget to enter to win a dress of your choice from eShakti!
top: maurices, maxi: wet seal (just $10!), leather jacket: marshall’s, gladiator sandals: marshall’s, aviators: h&m
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  1. Wow, that truly is amazing. There's also this picture that I found on Pinterest, its of a little boy with prosthetic legs (the silver/metal running kind) running on a track, with a huge smile on his face. And the caption says, "What's your excuse?"

    Often times we take things for granted, like being able to walk. But once people actually open their eyes and see things like this, it definitely changes perspective.

    I love your outfit by the way:)

  2. Lovely story. Overcoming adversity is always invigorating. Some of us have bigger struggles than others.

    Your jacket adds pizzazz to this outfit.

  3. This made my heart sooooo happy–my younger sister is autistic, and has so many "differences" from normal kids that inhibit her from participating in the little (and big) happy moments in life. There have been so many times when kids have totally excluded her, spoken very cruelly to her, mocked her, or just treated her with disdain. It's good to know there are such awesome teachers and students out there who have a Christ-like heart towards the disabled. What a beautiful moment to be part of!!!

    And besides that…the snakeskin and leather are wicked together. You look so tough and awesome 🙂

    <3 Cambria

  4. That is a sweet story, I did almost need a tissue.

    I love your maxi skirt, it looks great with the orange top and the leather jacket 🙂

  5. Wow that is really touching! I believe in hope and healing. What a precious moment and you look so adorable. Marshall's/home goods is the bomb! (trulyrachel.blogspot.com)

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