Olive Juice


army green and white


fresh cream jackets

olive green romper

spring neutrals
olive green romper


white jean jacket

I must have Greece on my mind because this look is accidentally emanating Greece all over the place. #1, How Aphrodite is this lil hairdo. #2, this hue of green is very olive. Olives, obviously are so Greek. I think I have Greece on my mind because I have travel on my mind. And Greece happens to be on my traveling shortlist. A little list of spots I want to visit next.

World shortlist:
1. Paris
2. London
3. Greece
4. Ireland
5. New Zealand

USA shortlist:
1. Boston
2. Nantucket
3. Palm Beach
4. Aspen, Colorado
5. Alaska

Plans are in the works to venture to the first two sooner than later…!! And I can’t. wait. There are so many beautiful places in the world. I love taking in a new view, just honestly soaking it up. Sharing it with someone or someones I care about makes it all the more meaningful. A gorgeous vista, a historic street, a grove of fresh blooms, whales jumping out of the water, classic impressionist artwork, a quaint cafe overlooking a plaza… how could I ever take these things in if I didn’t sometimes just go. Sometimes,  you really need to simply go. So hopefully these shortlists are a little shorter in the next few years.

Photos by Isabel Kruse

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  1. Great outfit!! I have been in Paris and London, beautiful cities! In Greece I have been several time and I just love this country and they have awesome cusine!

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