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A lot of new clothes enter through my door. So I like to make sure some exit through it too! I literally have an ever-filling bag that I throw clothes and accessories into, like newer stuff that just for one reason or another, either isn’t necessary in my life because maybe I have duplicates or it just isn’t quite my style. So when friends come over, I ask if they want anything from it! Keeps it under control until I can make a Goodwill® run. But the other day I brought the bag’s current contents over to Herberger’s (don’t worry about it. It was totally like 9:45pm, so normal…!) because they have their big Herberger’s Goodwill Sale going on March 15-April 1. Since I brought so much stuff, they gave me like 20 coupons haha! S0 20 items at up to 30% off. Definitely a nice situation for department-store brands! And I really overall always support having a revolving door for your stuff and donating to Goodwill. Instead of something getting wrinkled in the closet, we can donate it and make a difference in our communities! I like the fact that the donations help Goodwill provide job placement and training services to benefit millions of people looking for work.

This blog post is sponsored by Goodwill Industries International.

necklace via altar’d state
photos via isabel kruse

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