This outfit reminds me of a yogurt parfait. We’ve got the raspberry, the strawberry, the blueberry, and even a little yogurt. But not greek yogurt, cuz that stuff is nasty. Blech! Another trendy health food I have found myself to be staunchly opposed to…? Coconut water. Oh dear heavens. Someone remove it from the planet. I mean, I definitely think if I was stranded on an island for months, and had run out of fresh rainwater droplets on leaves, then I would go ahead and crack a coconut to sip down some coconut milk. Then and only then. No offense to coconuts. I love Almond Joy. I loathe coconut water. I’ll get my potassium some other way I think.
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Disclosure: I am part of the Verizon Voices Style Program and have been provided with a Samsung Galaxy Camera and 6 months of Service. All photos in this post were taken with the device.

trousers: marshalls || shop similar here—> splurge, save
red frames: || shop similar here—> splurge, save
necklace: f21
bag: thrifted || shop similar here—> megasplurge, save
flats: c/o fit in clouds

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