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When life gets crazy, it’s nice to have those routines in place that make you feel unapologetically feminine. No matter what kind of gritty #girlboss stuff the day calls for as we’re taking over our own little corners of the world, we can feel sweet and flirty too. For me this means splurging on shampoo and conditioner by a high-end French brand from my salon. I love how it makes my hair feel super smooth and healthy afterwards. Totally worth it! I also paint my nails, like a lot. I change out the color to match my mood, the season, my outfit… whatever! And use a quality topcoat to give my manicure a really nice glossy finish. I’ve also been using the Caress Daily Silk body wash and bar soap in my daily routine. My skin actually feels a lot more moisturized from it, like silky soft, and super fresh and clean of course. The bonus is that every once in a while I’ll get a little waft of the peach and orange blossom fragrance throughout the day. Maj mood boost. Last tip for feeling really pampered every day, a really good mascara. And lots of layers it; the more the merrier. It just gives a whole lot of va-va-voom to your look. And hey, who doesn’t love a little va-va-voom!


Treat yourself to the alluring fine fragrance of Caress® Daily SilkTM every day and feel truly irresistible. Refer to

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