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I have been on the biggest Audrey Hepburn flick kick lately. It all started when Breakfast at Tiffany’s flashed across my Netflix menu. That Netflix, it just knows exactly what buttons to push. Next was Charade and How to Steal a Million. And although I love the fashion in those two, I don’t find the romances nearly as captivating and well-played out as her other movies. Then I watched the paramount Sabrina and just last night, Funny Face. Until jotting this down right now, I did not realize the extent of my kick. Promise I’m not just lounging in bed all day with Netflix. Really! There are two things you guys have to understand, #1, so much of the life of a blogger is working on the computer and #2, I’m a merciless multitasker. So while I’m pounding away at my to-do list, you can bet there’s some movie/show playing in another window. Such is life right now. The moral of the story is… go watch Audrey on Netflix!
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